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Two years of jail to sell pirate cards
A judge of Leon condemns to a citizen two years of prison, to a fine of 1,620 Euros and one indemnification of 4,216 Euros in favor of Digital Satelite channel by revelation of secrets and fraud of the telecomuncaciones

The Court of Penal number 1 of Leon describes therefore it in a sentence being based on the fact that the condemned, J.G.G., sold through Internet the codes necessary to be inserted in the corresponding pirate cards, that also it facilitated, and with that acceded to the programming of the missing Digital Satelite channel (now Digital+).

The judged facts go back to 2001 and 2002. The distribution to third people of mentioned pirate cards allowed that those will accede to the channels and programs of payment by vision emitted from the digital platform, without authorization of the same and without paying to the quotas and established prices.

This sentence comes to add itself to other recent ones dictated by similar crimes, assignments between years 2000 and 2001, in Palma de Mallorca (April 2005), Leon (February 2005) and Las Palmas (November 2004). In Palma de Mallorca, A.L.G was condemned to 2 years of prison like author of individual continued crimes of computer science Swindle and Fraud of the Telecommunications to program, to make and to use for itself pirate cards that allowed to accede to the programming of Digital Satelite channel, as well as to distribute them to third parties through their page Web.

In from Leon capital, another sentence the past condemned month of February to the author of the crime to compensate to Digital Satelite channel with 2,810 Euros to use in its address a pirate card of this platform of pay television during two months, and to the pain of nine months of fine in daily quotas of three Euros, that will have to pay to the Administration of the State.

Finally, in Las Palmas one condemned in November a.m. R.R to 1 year and 2 months of prison, besides a fine of 270 Euros and the payment of an indemnification 9,000 Euros like author of the crimes of “fraud of the telecommunications and against the intellectual property” by the manufacture, sale and pirate use of cards of Digital Satelite channel.


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