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    The Group Haste will have two televisions in open

    One of them is the one that will be created around the new Channel 4, and the other that already is in march in Localia, a project that will not disappear nor will be integrated in the previous one, and that will follow ahead and growing

    The maintenance of both channels is a data that is practically handled like definitive within the mediatic group that presides over Jesus de Polanco, where what it is listened to it is that option is the direct consequence of the enterprise confrontation between the two main visible heads, Ten Javier Polanco and Juan Luis Cebrian.

    According to those, collected by the Confidential Digitalis, the nephew of the president has received unlimited power to start up the new analog channel, that is in the hope of the definitive concession by the Government of Rodriguez Zapatero, and who in principle counts itself (internamente) whereupon it will begin to emit after the summer.

    Diaz Polanco has directly taken the control from Channel 4, at this moment the most ambitious project quickly, and to him the decisions have corresponded on formation of the directive equipment and hirings of the people in charge, who, as already she has inquired, come from Antenna 3, Tele 5 and the last one of Telemadrid.

    In that enterprise plan he is not taking part the delegated adviser, Juan Luis Cebrian, who, consequently, is going to bet to drive the other channel, the network of Localia, in which he has the direct control, and for that also glides to make decisions from hiring of outstanding professionals.

    The information that is listened to within the group of Polanco indicate that Cebrián is going to stay to the “delay” of the result that has the adventure of Channel 4. If the project prevails, Ten Javier Polanco will have consolidated of irreversible form, but, if it does not come out well, Cebrián will be in background and like alternative.

    The incognito considers quickly with the third television, with Canal+, that in principle will continue ahead, and that could even be the embryo of the future informative services of Channel 4. In Canal+ there is being at the moment no movement, which is interpreted inside because they are going to continue being the informative support of the televisions of Polanco.

    (the Confidential one, 20-05-05)

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