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Suspended the privatization of RAI
Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi decides to suspend his controverted plan of privatization of public chain Italian RAI, an old project of the government who several advisers were analyzing their viability

Thus he publishes the Financial Times newspaper, after before summer the minister for the Communications, Mario Landolfi, would avoid to pronounce itself about the term to carry out the project of partial privatization of RAI.

Landolfi said that a series of independent advisers studied all regarding the plans of partial sale of the chain and that until they did not finish its work would not be possible to define terms and modality.

The privatization of RAI is an old project of the Italian Government, who seems inevitable, to lack still to know the terms definitive.

The property of RAI corresponds formally to the Ministry of Economy, whose holder, Domenico Siniscalco, have aimed that the minimum quota of privatization will be of 25% and has assured that he is in favor that the operation from exit to Stock market is executed by sections and not of a single time.

RAI obtained net benefits of 113 million Euros in 2004, an amount that the obtained one in the preceding exercise represents four times and is the best one of its history.


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