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    American satellite DirectTV-8 reaches operative orbit

    The American satellite of DirectTV-8 communications, impelled by a Russian rocket Proton, reached its operative orbit, after a postponement of 24 hours after technical revisions

    The postponement was motivated to the necessity to realize complementary tests of the telemetry equipment of the block of acceleration of the rocket, informed to the agency in the space-port of Baikonur of where the launching will take place.

    Proton took off to 17,59 GMT of Sunday from the space-port of Baikonur, in the republic of Kazajistán, Central Asia. Nine hours and sixteen minutes later, to 03,15 today GMT, the DirectTV-8 separated of the block of Briz-M acceleration, third and last phase of Proton, and it was located in his orbit, indicated a spokesman of the Russian partnership Jrúnichev to Itar-Tass agency.

    The DirectTV-8 satellite has been made by the American company FOLL Loral from the platform 1300 FS and has a mass of 3,710 kilograms in loaded state.

    Its active life in the orbit is of less than 15 years and will not guarantee the reception of programs of television in the bands Ku and Ka.

    DiretTV belongs to the News group Corporation and is the greater supplier of television via satellite in territory of the United States.

    The rocket engine Proton and its accelerating block Briz-M have been designed and made by the Jrúnichev Center of Russia.

    The rocket Proton is the basic transport of the space program of Russia in the heavy class and the putting into orbit of commercial satellites is used mainly in military programs and.

    The contract to place in the orbit to the DirectTV-8 was assumed by the mixed company International Launch Services (ILS), constituted by the North American Lockheed Martin and Russian the Jrúnichev Center, that Proton develops to the commercialization in the international market of the launchings of rockets of heavy class and of the Ahlas American.

    (Agencies, 23-05-05)

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