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CanalSatellite changes of name to happen to be called CanalSat
The French platform is pioneering in the digital market via European satellite and leader in its country with more than three million subscribers and one supply of almost 70 channels exclusively

Channel Satellite Numérique was the first name that approached the one that would be in April of year 1996 the first digital platform that was created in Europe.

The platform was born under the successful experience of Canal+, pioneering chain of payment also in the televising market of the continent, model and unquestionable leader.

Their people in charge decided to eliminate the Numerique name to happen to denominate it Satellite Channel and now, to third, they have decided that CanalSat happens to be called, which can interpret like an action of marketing and image.

The supply of CanalSat gives access more than 230 interactive chains and services, of which more than 65 they emit in exclusive feature for CanalSat, as much via satellite as ADSL.

CanalSat emits its channels through the Astra1 satellites (19,2º This) codified with the systems of access Mediaguard and Viaccess. Part of their channels is offered to the mesh wirings.


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