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    Brussels fixes the 2012 like the aim of the analogical TV

    The European Commission insists to the Member States to accelerate the change of the analogical system of television to the digitalis so that they have realized all it for 2012, date that Spain will fulfill

    The last text sent by Spain locates the denominated blackout officially analogical the 31 of December of 2011, but the authorities have verbally shown Brussels their absolute conviction of which they will be able to do it in 2010.

    Of this form the contemplated thing in the project of law of the Terrestrial Digital Television would be fulfilled (TDT), already approved by the Plenary Session of the Congress and now in proceeding in the Senate, that it has as objective to liberalize the TV by cable and locates the analogical blackout in 2010.

    The Commission also indicates that a key factor for the success of the analogical blackout in Spain is to have an effective strategy to inform to the consuming ones on the availability of the programs in the digital platforms and of the equipment necessary to receive them.

    On the base of the information received by the 25 Member States, the communitarian Executive considers feasible who the passage of the present analogical television to the digitalis is completed in 2012, although exist differences between the countries. For example Finland and Sweden are in the final phase and hope to have realized the change in August of 2007 and February of 2008, respectively. Soon there is another group of countries, between which the Commission includes Spain, Austria, Germany, Italy and Malta, which they could complete the crossing for 2010, whereas they do it to the rest in 2012.

    When fixing the date limit of the 2012, Commission tries that there is a coordinated approach of all the Member States so that can at the same time be had phantom released in all the EU. In this sense, the commissariats European of Society of the Information, Viviane Reding, explained that when recommending 2012 like the communitarian date it stops to the analogical blackout, desire to signal to all the actors of the market and to the clients political that it indicates to them that the digital television will be soon a reality.

    The sooner the passage to the digital system is realized, before our citizens and companies will benefit from him, added Reding, that in addition considered that the Pan-European coordination of the use of the phantom will allow the access to new services that will combine the movable telephony and the broadcasting.

    Among them, he mentioned the diffusion by moving body of content or image data multimedia. According to the information that it arranges, the Commission esteem that most of the viewers of the EU will acquire a digital receiver from now until 2010 to a rate of 20 million apparatuses per year.

    The European spokesman of Society of the Information, Martin Selmayr, indicated that the digital television will use between a third and half of the phantom that now needs the analogical one, which will allow to a more efficient use and the appearance of more channels. sto supposes a clear benefit for the EU and the citizens " reason for which all the Member States are realizing important efforts and the majority has determined objectives very ambitious to be able to fulfill the terms.

    In addition, the digital television and the new services that will offer will contribute to increase the competition between the different operators from networks of electronic telecommunications, as well as to accelerate the innovation. The televisions that are not of digital technology will have to be connected to a decoder, for which it is needed that their present apparatuses have a euroconector entrance.

    At present, in Europe it has more than 32 million digital receivers, according to the data of the Commission.

    (Agencies, 25-05-05)

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