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    The Space-port of Baikonur celebrates 50 years of life

    The space-port of Kazajistán fulfills the 2 of June half century of existence with the memory that was scene of the launching of the first artificial satellite, the Sputnik-1, in 1957, and of the shipment of the first man to the space, the Russian Yuri Gagarin, in 1961

    From the desert in this state of central Asia the Russians send for 50 years to their cosmonauts to the space. The Soviets, enthusiastic of the space development, celebrated the first success in the summer (boreal) of 1957 with the launching of the first intercontinental missile. Two months later the first satellite was sent from Baikonur to the space.

    But almost four years later, the eyes of the world returned to go to the steppe kasaja when the 12 of April of 1961 the cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin became the first man in visiting the space. Still nowadays it is even a date that any Russian student remembers. Still today versions circulate of which the Soviet Union already had sent men to the space before Gagarin. Nevertheless, they say that one stayed privily because all the attempts finished in failure.

    At present, the time sea bream of Baikonur it has been back. The majority of the 15 shuttles obsolete and is oxidized. For many Russians, this place has happened to comprise of glorious the ex- Soviet Union.

    The central act by the 50 anniversary of this platform, they will attend the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and kazajo, Nusultán Nazarbaev.

    At the moment, the platform has nine shuttles, fifteen rocket launcher and ten buildings to operative workings and of security.

    The past 9 of January, Nazarbayev and Putin signed a bilateral agreement by which the space-port will be rented to Russia by 115 million annual dollars until year 2050.


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