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    The communications satellite and the parabolic one revolutionize the Arab countries

    Fátima Mernissi, awarded with the Prize Prince of Asturias of Letters 2003, says that million people lead a great citizen revolution thanks to the digital technologies and to the 200 Arab channels of television that they emit via satellite

    The digital revolution and its global effect in the communications have generated a change deep and than more beneficial in Morocco. To thus it maintains the writer, sociologist and prize it Prince of Asturias 2003, Fátima Mernissi, that now publishes in Spain the thread of Penélope (Lumen).

    Mernissi demonstrates in a story threaded of personal experiences as the impact of the television by satellite and Internet is transforming the Moroccan society and, to the way of a guide of trips, keeps awake Morocco more not knowing and moving away of the stereotypes that, maintain, abound in the interpretation that of the neighboring country is had in Spain.

    Mernissi rejected a report presented/displayed in World-wide the Economic Forum on the discrimination of the Arab woman with respect to the man and assured that the women are leading a revolution, as she demonstrates that they are invading the field of the communications, the universities and the culture generally. There are 200 channels in Arab and the presence of the women is surprising in the televisions of the Persian Gulf, Turkey and Iran. In the Islamic world never the intelligence of the women has refused, can compete in the cultural scope, is in the politician where it does not see them, explained.

    In his opinion, which has entailed the digital technology is the disappearance of the barrier between cultural and the politician. In fact, the Moroccan writer affirms that, right now, with so many channels via satellites it is impossible to manipulate to the public opinion like did, according to mentioned, Franc. That was, in addition, their main argument to defend the Moroccan political system like democratic, frees and respectful with the human rights, but opposed, in addition, to the western democratic ideal

    (Several, 25-05-05)

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