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    The TVE will have 8 channels in the future terrestrial digital television

    The chief of a main directorate of the Public Being, Carmen Caffarel, gives by fact the appropriation on the part of the public one of two of five the multiplex one (multiple frequency band with average capacity for four or five conventional channels) that is in game

    In fact, Spanish Television already could to initiate its digital emissions in open with immediate character, for which it has conformed a grill of at least eight programs of TDT. In particular, the Plan of Digital Action of the TVE contemplates the emission in one of channels both multiplex one - the one that allows the territorial disconnections of TVE-1, the 2, Channel 24 Hours and Teledeporte, whereas the “remarkable changes” alluded to by Caffarel during the Commission of Parliamentary Control, would go in the other, in the hope of how the frequencies are distributed.

    Citizen information and repetitions

    In particular we would be speaking of the following contents: Channel Parliament, with all the information that is generated in the Congress and the Senate; Citizen channel, to approach the Administration the population; Documentary the TVE, that would integrate “best the documentary ones of the moment”; “More than music”, that will spread subjects of all the times; “50 years of the TVE”, that will reclaim programs and series to commemorate the anniversary of the next year; and an infantile and youthful channel that will be some hours in antenna and only will share band with the Citizen Channel.

    Return to the EGM

    The second wave of the General Medios Study (EGM), that will be published at the end of June, will return to include the data of hearing of National Radio. Through a letter of the director of the transmitter, Pedro Piqueras, the public one asked for days ago the restoration from RNE to the study, according to announced yesterday Caffarel during its parliamentary appearance.

    The chief of a main directorate remembered that this measurement appeared between its decisions announced when arriving at the position, that justifies so much to know the data hearing like for being a very últil tool to know the degree acceptance the programs. Our vocation as public service is also the one to compete by the hearings and being reference of the sector, said Caffarel, that it indicated that to be in the General Means Study it is essential to know our yield social and to leave the same placed to our disadvantaged professionals with respect to those of the commercial chains. The decision to leave the EGM took the previous chief of a main directorate from RTVE, Jose Antonio Sanchez, who alleged that it was an improvable study and that she did not reflect the reality of the hearing. For Caffarel, this determination supposed a serious damage for the prestige of the chain and said it excluded that it from the field of the healthy competition between mass media.

    On the other hand, Brave Julian, managing director of the AIMC, organization that manages the EGM, have described the news as wonderful. Of the same form that we were sorry when they went away, we congratulated of that have decided to return, he indicated, and he emphasized that the rest of chains also is happy that National Radio returns.

    (ABC, 26-05-05)

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