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    The channel Only Tango begins to emit in abierto by Hispasat

    The monothematic Argentine chain dedicated to the music of the tango is accessible in Europe through Hispasat satellite offering its abierto programming in during the 24 hours

    The channel emits in SCPC (Single Chanel Rep Carrier), that is to say with a Symbol low Rate that can be an obstacle in some receivers reason why it is possible that it cannot attract. The reason to emit in SCPC is because it is a technical connection to provide the signal to mesh wirings. In particular, the technical parameters of Only Tango in Hispasat (30º the West) are the following: Frequency 12.100-H GHz (MR. 2220, FEC 3/4).

    A channel with 5 million subscribers

    Only Tango was born in Argentina in 1995, cluster property Pramer. It was the first satelite televising signal dedicated exclusively to the diffusion of the tango at international level.

    During these ten years of life, the exclusive channel for the lovers of the tango has reached the five million subscribers anywhere in the world, especially in Argentina and South America.

    The channel, that offers through satellite and the cable (it is of payment), offers in its programming activities of orchestras, soloists, dancing, classes, spectacles, personages, anecdotes and interviews among others arguments.

    Precedent in Europe

    Only Tango already emitted for Europe some years ago through satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 12.092-H GHz forming part of a bankrupt attempt of creation of a platform of Latin American channels. Even, in the last months, platform incorporated it to the Olisat in its supply although by very just a short time.