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The Cnn turns east June 25 years of life
From the 1 to the 30 of June, the chain of continuous information will emit throughout the day short programs that will commemorate 25 lived historical moments in direct from their launching

Created in 1980 by Ted Turner, Cnn celebrates in June its 25 years of existence in the United States and the world by means of Cnn International.

In order to celebrate this quarter of century of life, from the 1 to the 30 of June, the habitual programming of the channel will include precise spaces where they will remember until a total of 25 events that the Cnn has lived in direct.

Between the great journalistic moments they appear the fall of the wall of Berlin (1989), the liberation of Nelson Mandela (1990) and the Gulf War (1991), among others.

In 1980, the Cnn was the first and unique chain in direct of uninterrupted information.

In order to celebrate this anniversary, the channel will emit a 1 of June to 21,00h special program that picks up the most outstanding moments of this quarter of century. “Cnn 25 Defining Moments” will make a review of the news that hit more to the spectators, counted by the journalists and the personalities lived that them.

From its experience and its model, later of they would develop other channels of analogous characteristics like EuroNews (1992), LCI (1994), I>Télé (1999), CNN+, etc…

Cnn is a division of Turner Broadcasting System, Inc. pertaining to the Time Warner company, Inc.

Cnn includes/understands a total of 16 television networks by cable and satellite, 3 deprived chains, 2 chains of radio, 12 Webs, services to moving bodies and Cnn Newsource, the agency of the news more syndicated. Cnn has 42 corresponsalías and 900 chains affiliates.

Cnn International accessible in is abierto in Europe through Astra1 satellite (19,2º This) and comprises of the supply of Digital+ (dial 76).


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