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    New measures antipiracy of CanalSat

    The French digital platform adopts a new system that has the objective to affect to the illicit reception of its channels in the zone of the Maghreb and that next also could apply TPS

    CanalSat, until makes well little CanalSatellite, has begun progressively to apply a new device of codification to prevent the piracy, according to several information coming from France.

    CanalSat emits its programming under the system of conditional access 2 MediaGuard and Viaccess 2. First, also known like Drought 2, it could not have been harmed by hackers, the opposite who Viaccess 2.

    Before this situation, CanalSat has decided to start up of progressive form the ThalesCrypt method elaborated by Thales Broadcast and Multimedia in order to affect to the illicit reception of its channels in the zone of North Africa (countries of the Maghreb).

    This new encryption will continue being applied on the majority of the transponders of Astra1 (19,2º This), in particular on numbers 70, 72, 76 and 100.

    It is this measurement that according to other information also will be applied next in platform TPS, and also destined to the heads of networks by cable, and that will in particular affect the cinema chains.

    The used solution is elaborated by Scientific Atlanta although without doubt, to eradicate the present situation of the illicit visionado one happens through the substitution of the set of smart cards and the approximately 250,000 official decoders in France, oldest and therefore most vulnerable for the illegal practices.


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