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    RTL wants to grow in the sector of television of the south of Europe

    RTL Group considers a strategy of geographic expansion including Spain being the television sector their main objective and it in the long term does not discard to elevate his participation in Antenna 3

    Antenna 3 is “a strategic” investment for RTL and the company with soothes in Luxembourg is comfortable with 17.2% of the capital that it owns at present. However, the group considers “in the long term” to buy more titles of the chain, in case some of the shareholders of the Spanish company wanted to sell.

    This possibility is framed within one more a ampler strategy of growth than RTL wants to carry out in the south of Europe, including Spain. The group looks for investment opportunities, also in Central Europe and of the East, mainly in the sector of the television. The company indicates that, in any potential investment, the objectives of yield and added value will prevail, according to the presentation to analysts.

    These expositions suppose the continuation of the strategy that has followed RTL recently. October of 2004, the company, that is present in Germany, France, Holland, the United Kingdom, Belgium, Luxembourg and Hungary, among others, entered Portugal with the acquisition of a participation of 11.6% in Average Capital, one of the main lusos private operators of television, that also has interests in radio and magazines. The company/signature has been object of speculations of entrance of new foreign investors.

    Also, RTL began to operate in the Croatia in April of the year last, after the launching RTL Televizija, in which it has a participation of more of 65%.

    In Spain, RTL Group, controlled as well by the German group Bertelsmann, it counts on a 17.2% of the capital of Antenna 3. The Luxemburgish company considers that the Spanish chain is as much in “good” a situation from the financial point of view, like by the one of management and the agreements with the rest of shareholders, with whom maintains relations fluid, is working well and is stable. Therefore, although the Spanish market is an objective of the company, “is not the unique one”, indicated sources of the company.

    RTL indicated the past in their memory of exercise that Spain and Hungary was the markets that better behaved in 2004. The society recognizes in the report the “spectacular turn” of the accounts of Antenna 3, that contributed to the group a benefit of operation (It avoids) of 17 million, against the loss of 35 million of the previous year.

    The Spanish chain maintains the good rate of the year principle

    The publicity in Spain continues offering in the second trimester the same signs of good health that in the first compasses of the exercise. Group RTL indicates in the presentation before analysts who the advertizing market in Spain “continues being one of strongest of Europe”. It emphasizes, in addition, that Antenna 3 has continued behaving “superficially” of the market. Also, RTL, that mentions “internal estimations”, indicates that the costs stay “firmly” under control, in spite of the growth of the investments in the first trimester. Antenna 3 announced at the end of April the purchase of Unipublic, organizer of the Cycling Return to Spain, by 42 million Euros.

    (CincoDías, 27-05-05)

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