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    A short judge, by piracy, the emission of two television channels in Tenerife

    A judge orders the cut of emission of Channel and Sport to record foreign televising channel programs, concretely of England and Germany, soon to emit them like own

    The Court of First Instancia and Intrucción number of 2 Port de la Cruz has decided the cut emission of Channel, Sport and Radio Veronica, as a result of a denunciation presented/displayed by the Organization of Management of Rights of Author of Productores Audiovisuales (EGEDA), against company HOPOC, radio and, LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY proprietor mentioned emitting of television, by a presumed crime against the intellectual property.

    This company, been in Port de la Cruz, with soothes in the highway of Sands, recorded foreign televising channel programs apparently, more concretely of England and Germany, and it emitted soon like own, suppressing them the other people's publicity and inserting another one of local origin. According to the digital newspaper Canariasahora.com informed, the main shareholder of this company is Publishing Leoncio Rodriguez, publishing company of the newspaper the Day, that also counts on a radio transmitter without license, that also comes emitting from illegal way, through several frequencies, in the island of Tenerife.

    Judicial personnel and of the Civil Guard, accompanied by an expert of the Antipiratería Commission of the Ministry of Culture, appeared in the facilities of Channel and ordered the cut of the emission. In addition, he came to the halting of two individuals, a Spanish and a American, who later, after giving declaration, was set free. According to judicial sources, one is J.E. of C.R.R., of 52 years, that are son of the director, publisher and proprietor of the newspaper the Day - that exerted like person in charge of the transmitter, although it would have declared that he acted by delegation and that he received instructions, and of P.A.M., of 26 years and neighbor of the Orotava. On the other hand, and as a result of the declarations of his son, he had to appear before the judicial authority the director and proprietor of the newspaper the Day, that has been in freedom without guarantee.

    According to the Penal Code and at the moment effective Law of Intellectual Property, the deliberate infractions of the rights of author and the intellectual property can be sanctioned with pains of until smaller prison, fines, indemnification to the proprietors of the pirateado material and special incapacitation.

    The taken part material

    In the registry of the facilities before mentioned 1,450 video tapes were taken part, 360 CD, 11,000 songs MP3 and seven towers of computer, all this valued in about 290,000 Euros. Judicial sources base in 905.000 Euros the produced potential damages to the pirateadas companies. In addition, warning of registry of the signal repeaters occurred that use this company.

    (Diariodeavisos, 28-05-05)

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