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    Venezuela creates Telesur to compete with the Cnn

    The 24 of July, day of the natalicio of Simon Bolivar, will begin to emit the channel Telesur, the great mediatic bet of Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez, with whom it tries to plant face to the Cnn

    Telesur will be something as well as a Bolivar, according to the parallelism that somebody proposed thinking about the Arab chain To the Jazeera.

    The initiative of Chávez gives to Latin America a regional chain him of television that, according to its promoter, must be “the counterpart of the informative dictatorship of the great international chains”. Although Telesur counts on participation of Argentina, Cuba, Brazil and Uruguay, finances it to Venezuela to a large extent.

    Telesur, that finishes beginning its emissions of test, will transmit 24 hours in Spanish documentary and, mainly, reporters produced in Latin America, with the aim of competing with Cnn.

    “Telesur is an offensive plan. No! That it is not scared to míster Bush, still we are not going to attack Washington, everything it has its time”, it commented Chávez with socarronería. “We have resources to organize a great channel in the South and to clear us the tyranny of Cnn and the other chains that send poison to us and that are subordinate to the police of the world and the great interests. We are going to unmask to Cnn. I like the battle. It will be Cnn against Aló President (dominical program of Chávez). As they want to us to ridicule, I declare the communicational war to him to Cnn. ´ is born a dream for Latin American integration ", said Chávez when proclaiming that Telesur will compete with Cnn, to which accuses to transmit a false image of the bolivariana revolution.

    With the motto “Our North is the South”, Telesur will transmit in Spanish, with subtitles in Portuguese for Brazil.

    Telesur could be a good project if Chávez and the chavismo does not kidnap it to turn it into Telechávez. So that the channel has hearing and credibility must be taken off ideological and operative of the government of Chávez. It is difficult it obtains that it because has its central studies in Caracas, in a Annex of the building of the Venezuelan state channel of Television. The president of Telesur is the Venezuelan minister of Information, Andres Izarra. The director is Aram Aharonian, Uruguayan that resides in Venezuela.

    “We will speak of Chávez when it is the news. It will not be a channel where we say, Alive Chávez! Telesur tries to be an instrument in the war of ideas´”, said Aharonian. The Colombian Jorge Enrique Wineskin maker, director of the news, affirms that Telesur arrives at the right moment, when Latin America is turning decidedly to the left and gains force the movement antiglobalisation. “They say that it is a channel of Chávez. It is a project to include, it does not stop to exclude”, it indicates Wineskin maker.

    The incognito is if Telesur will dare to criticize its benefactor. The Venezuelan opposition indicates more that the intention of Chávez is to silence to the dissidence, than to extend the news coverage, with a machine of propaganda financed with money of petroleum.

    Chávez, that imposed a law jaw to silence to the press, already controls everything: the National Assembly, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Court, the judicial system, the universities, the army. It is probable that through Telesur it tries to expand his international agenda. Seeing the programs of Venezuelan of Television (pure chavista propaganda) it is possible to doubt independence that Aharonian and Botero proclaim. Frequently, Chávez forces the Venezuelan private channels to be united in national chain to transmit its endless interventions. Jorge Branches, conductor of Univisión (the Hispanic channel more seeing in EE.UU.) indicates that “Telesur can be turned into an international megaphone of the interminable speeches of Chávez and into a satelite platform of its wild personal ambitions”.

    Who is going away to dare in Telesur to reject a cover proposal that comes from the palace of Miraflores? Their journalists will have total independence to decide what is the news and what she is not it? Will have the opponents of Chávez the same treatment that the president? They are questions that Jorge Branches leaves raised.

    “Telesur is a presidential order. It will be a supranational channel”, notices Alberto F. Ravell, director of Globovisión, deprived chain of the news.

    Telesur already signed an agreement of cooperation with The Jazeera.

    (LaVanguardia, 29-05-05)

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