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Canary TV surpasses the time of emission of own contents

Agreeing with the celebration of the Day of the Canary Islands, the autonomic television reaches the 48 hours of own programming while the being determines its glance to expand to all the American continent

The platforms by cable and satellite of all the American continent are the objective of the canary autonomic television, according to has announced the chief of a main directorate of RTVC, Brown Francisco, during the commission of control of the canary public being, where it has affirmed, that the contents that the international channel of TVC emits are 100 canary percent.

The reason is simple, according to Colored person, since the objective of the international channel of Canary TV is to maintain the canaries of the outside united, as well as to present the singularities the Canary Islands in Europe and America.

Canary TV from 1999

The first emission of Canary TV takes place the 21 of August of 1999. Since then Canary TV has consolidated a programming that arrives at all the corners of the archipelago, that is emitted in America, from Canada to Argentina, through Channel the International, and that from the 27 of 2003 July, comprises of the Digital+ Platform, in its channel 96.

The Canary TV form leaves from the Federation of Organisms of Radio Televisión Autonómicos (FORTA) from July of the 2001 and counts on a service of telex, first of autonomic character that exists in the archipelago.


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