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Astra will spread to Premiere International in the position 23,5º This
Ses Astra and the German operator of pay television, Premiere, sign an agreement for the diffusion of their channels integrated in the platform Premiere International

The reception of the channels of Premiere International will be possible as of September of 2005 by means of the system of Astra satellites on the orbital position of 23,5° This.

Premiere International is directed to the subscribers with direct coupled receiving through satellite although also it will offer his supply of channels to the cable distributers.

Premiere already offers through the position 19,2º this ample fan of channels.

Premiere in Astra

Premiere is the unique supply of pay television via satellite in the Germanic country where it has a hardest competition with the amplest repertoire of channels that they emit in open.

The bad economic moments lived by Premiere not long ago nothing have to do with the present situation. The supply of channels of the platform that it emits through the Astra satellites (19,2º This) has reached to 31 of March of 2005 the number of 3.300.000 clients, which supposes an increase of 11.6% we compared if it to the one of a year ago.

A duro and length way

Premiere was created in 1990 by the tycoon of mass media I read Kirch, that invested approximately 4,000 million Euros in the project. The lack of yield of Premiere was to a large extent responsible for the suspension of payments of the Kirch group in 2002. In 2003 the British society of risk capital Permira took the control from Premiere, after the bankruptcy of Kirch Holding company, the major produced in Germany after World War II.

The past year the company reduced its losses to 80.6 million after having lost 205.4 million in 2003. In 2001 the company registered 1,300 million losses, incapable to compete with near 30 gratuitous television channels that existed in Germany. Georg Kofler, delegated adviser of Premiere, assured in an interview that in 2006 the company will have benefits.

The company assures that approximately 8% of the homes German and Austrians are paid to Premiere. Some analysts assure that percentage will grow considering that in the United Kingdom and Ireland almost 30% of the homes are paid to a pay channel.


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