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Cosmopolitan Television turns 5 years
In order to celebrate the anniversary and besides renewing its corporative image, Cosmopolitan TV offers new look, fresher, attractive and present releasing new programming, more feminine and modern directed to the today woman

The agency that has realized the change of image has been Steinbranding. Steinbranding Design Studios is a multidisciplinary company of specialistic design in the world of the entertainment, located in Buenos Aires, Miami and next in Europe. His recognized work it includes branding, production and publicity for television, corporative image, interactive means design and experimental design.

Cosmopolitan TV releases in 2005 new programming. Besides the new seasons of the series of success “Sex in New York”, “Felicity”, “Doctors of Philadelphia”, “Crossing Jordan” and “Crazy person by you”; Cosmopolitan Television releases “Style Star” - with ideas, tricks and advice to be exclusively a star and “Loves of Hollywood”, in which we will know the most exciting and scandalous histories the personages of Hollywood of the present time.

In addition, Car it Noble will present/display another one of the great openings of the channel: “You are in your house”, the presenter will enter the house of a well-known personage and it will teach to us from his pantry, to his closet and other curiosities that define the style of life of the host.

And… in spring “Two Rhombuses” will be in Cosmopolitan Television with our already habitual Lorraine Berdún and its knowledge of sex.

Cosmopolitan Television follows present in Footbridge Cibeles and Gaudí, with its special programs fashionable. Also “the Cosmopolitan Calendar” and “We looked for Cosmo boy” will continue being two essential appointments.

In cinema they will emphasize, among others, fried titles like “Fall in New York”, “green Tomatos”, “Picture of a lady”, “the lovers of the polar circle” or “mouth Mouth”. Cosmopolitan TV will continue emitting international and Spanish films directed to women.

Cosmopolitan Television only for women, in Digitalis cable + and main operators.


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