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The Ariane-5 rocket with two satellites will be launched the 24 of June

An Ariane-5 rocket will place in orbit two satellites of telecommunications, the Spaceway American and the Indonesian Telkom, at night from the 24 to the 25 of June

The takeoff of Ariane-5 ECA, more powerful the European thrower with capacity to transport 10 tons, will take place from the space center of Kuru (French Guayana).

The rocket, that will take the satellites Spaceway-2 and Telkom-2, will take off between the 21,03 and the 21,36 local time (00.03-00.36 GMT).

The Spaceway2, of 6.1 tons to the takeoff, will be sent on behalf of North American operator DirecTV to guarantee the services of direct television in the United States.

The Indonesian Telkom2, of two tons, will be placed in orbit by operator PT Telkom Indonesia to offer services of telecommunications in that country.


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