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TPS adds 14,000 new subscribers in the first trimester

The digital platform French account with 1.369.000 subscribers in its supply of television by satellite and ADSL, whereas the cable surpasses the 300.000

These numbers clearly, it is come off that the subscribers through satellite continue being an overwhelming majority with respect to those of the cable, whereas the TPSL option (ADSL) is distanced very with about 50,000 subscribers approximately.

In spite of these optimal results, TPS continues being very below their great rival, Channel Satellite Numerique, that surpasses the 3 million subscribers.

TPS is the second digital platform that was created in France and was born under the shade of the pioneering Channel Satellite Numérique with which it competes. TPS initiated their emissions in December of 1996.

Part of their channels is also offered in option for the subscribers to the cable. It has a channel premium, TPS Star. The supply of TPS gives access more than 200 interactive chains and services. It emits his programming codified through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This).


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