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The journalists of RAI in strike by the management of the chain

The informers of the Italian public television declare themselves in strike to protest by the management of the chain, that for more of a year is without president because of the political struggles

In an official notice read during the news, presented/displayed in version reduced by a journalist delegated by the writing committee, the workers adhered to the Usigrai union expressed their “disagreement and rages by the way in which the public service is, in these days, humiliated”. RAI, denounced, is “without government, once again, by the ferocious fight around their control, undressed of 70% of the obtained benefits, prevailed of great opportunities like (the broadcasting) of all the supply of the World-wide ones of soccer”.

Also they criticized the “slavery” of the public television towards “the Government, the parties and the interests of the competition”.

The protest takes place four days after the parliamentary Commission of Monitoring of the public chain rejected like candidate to the presidency to the economist Andrea Monorchio, designated by the Ministry of Economy, majority shareholder of RAI.

In order to appoint the new president it is necessary that the Commission of approves it to Monitoring with a majority of two thirds, for whom require the votes of the opposition of centroizquierda.

However, the candidacy of Monorchio was blocked not only by the opposition, but also by the representatives of the governing coalition, which showed the level of discord around the question.

Meeting of the administration advice

It is predicted that the advice of administration of RAI meets this 7 of June, reason why their members have urged to Economy to that it designates a new president before that day.

In response to the strike of the journalists, the people in charge of the public television have defended their management and are underlining that its primary target is the one of the public service.

“The company has a legitimately appointed advice of administration, that acts having like primary target, just as Usigrai, the affirmation of the paper and the public function on watch”, it indicates an official notice.

“The balance is positive and there are no debts and, concerning the destiny of the benefits, like in all the companies of the world those are the shareholders that decide”, it adds.

RAI is without president from the resignation of Bright Annunziata, that left its position in May of the year last after accusing the Government to take control of the control of the public television to use it in own benefit.

(Agencies, 06-06-05)

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