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The CMT threatens fine Sogecable not to facilitate data

The audio-visual group participated by Telephone Haste and says that it fears that the organism can reveal confidential information and faces sanctions by a very serious infraction

The new president of the Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT), Reinaldo Rodriguez, has warned the people in charge of Sogecable that will initiate a sanctioning procedure against the company if this one insists on not facilitating information on its business. The possible infraction, considered like very serious, would at the most suppose a fine of two million Euros and could entail until an incapacitation of five years “in its services of electronic communications”.

The regulating organism has reiterated in the last months requests of data to Sogecable, essential for the elaboration of the quarterly report of the CMT on the audio-visual sector, but the audio-visual group refuses, alleging possible filtrations of strategic data for its business from the regulating organ.


Nevertheless, the CMT assures that the data “on released income, number of subscribers or type of hirings of payment by vision are essential” for the preparation of the quarterly report, use for which they were asked for, In addition, rejects firmly, the guarded accusation of filtration of information that Sogecable realizes, and remembers that the data of 2003 are public since they were included in the annual report of the CMT, published the past June.

The income of Sogecable increased a 4% in the first trimester of 2005, up to 396.4 million Euros, impelled by the sales of rights of emission to other companies. The cession of Spanish Liga de Fútbol to Telephone, for its emission in payment by vision through the platform of television on ADSL Imagenio, supposed for Sogecable income near the 25 million Euros. This contract shot to a 37% the chapter of other income, up to 107 million Euros, and compensated the fall of 6% in the income by subscribers, the main business of Sogecable, who were in 270 million.

The removal of these income, that have fallen noticeably is, indeed, which Sogecable refuses to facilitate to the CMT, as well as the number of hirings of payment by vision and subscribers, whose number year and a half had fallen in the last, trimester after trimester, until the three first months of 2005.

After rejecting the resource of the audio-visual group to their last requirimiento of information, the CMT remembers Sogecable that no longer fits more resources before the regulating organ, reason why would have to initiate an administrative contentious process.


The Commission of the Market of the Telecommunications threatens sanctioning to Sogecable if it does not facilitate the data on his business.

The audio-visual group alleges that the CMT can keep awake confidential information, key for the business, something that the regulating organism rejects of plane.

There are no possible resources to the request for information of the CMT, reason why Sogecable would have to raise a contentious-administrative one.

(Expansion, 06-06-05)