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    TeleSierra returns to emit but without contests

    This channel next to Moved Local and Local Max were closed temporarily after a registry of the Civil Guard in their facilities by judicial order after the denunciations by thymus done by organizations of consumers

    TeleSierra returns again to the load but without offering the telephone contests, denounced like thymuses by the organizations of consumers. Now in their programming musical videos can be seen, telephone reclamations and videncia. It has even been gotten to suppress the doubtful nocturnal programming for adults.

    TeleSierra stopped in the morning of the 1 of March its emissions through satellite Eutelsat Hot IBRD (13º This) in the frequency 12.092-H GHz. On the other hand also they stopped emitting through Hispasat satellite Local the Max channels Local and Moved, that acted of mere repeaters of TeleSierra. The emissions started again past mediatarde.

    The Civil Guard registered the facilities of the local television Telesierra in the Madrilenian locality of Three Songs. The registry, by judicial mandate, takes place after the constant realized denunciations to organizations of consumers on the part of spectators who accused the channels of thymus.

    The swindle consisted of doing a question easy announcing prizes. The presenter warned the spectators who did not take place calls that they gave with the answer to that question, like clear reclamation so that whereas those that they were calling to lines 806 never happened in antenna. When passage occurred to an answer, they were used to being recorded in control. The presenter only requested the answer, that habitually when it sounded in antenna did not have sense. In the courts some denunciations with telephone invoices have appeared that have reached the 6,000 Euros. The main victims were young and old.

    Industry retired the service of pricing to Telesierra

    At beginnings of month, the Ministry of Industry retired the telephone number of services of additional pricing to the network of local TV Telesierra, as a result of a denunciation presented/displayed by the OCU (Organization of Consumers and Users) by consisting of fraud false televised contests whose authentic purpose was to maintain to the viewer offerer the greater possible time to the telephone and pays more to the lender of the service by the call.

    Telesierra counts on transmitters associated in Alicante, To Corunna, the Toledos, Murcia, Granada, Seville, Barcelona, Madrid and Saragossa, who operate mainly with the marks Moved Local and Channel MX. In an official notice, the OCU was congratulated of this resolution but it was sorry that it did not become extensive to the rest of local televisions that use this type of contests whose unique objective is to maintain maximum the time allowed to the unwary spectator who makes the call to solve a simple riddle and thus to be able to obtain the prize that is offered. According to the OCU the decision does not consider the aspect main: that these contests are not such and deceive to those who to try to accede to compete that, at no moment they do, it


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