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Green light so that France finances new channel of the news
The European Commission the future approves the state financing decided by France to French channel CFII when considering that, although it includes state aid, it is a project of general economic interest

According to the EC, the project it offers the sufficient guarantees against the risk of distortion of the competition since it counts on measures to prevent the unwarranted transference of bottoms public to the public group France Television and the private TF1, channels that will be shareholders in the future.

After realizing an analysis of the project, the Executive considers that, although the financing constitutes a state aid partly, is compatible with the European single market since is a service of general economic interest.

Especially, the Commission indicates that the mechanism to finance the channel provides satisfactory guarantees against the excess of compensation for the costs on watch public through a mechanism to reuse the benefits obtained in a year in the following exercise.

In addition, the project includes the sufficient guarantees against possible additional effects against the competition.

The CFII (French abbreviations) will be a joint society in which France Television and TF1 will share the control and its objective is to provide the international point of view of the information to the foreign hearings.

The past December, the French Government confirmed that this television channel would be sent in 2005 and will count on a public financing of 30 million Euros.


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