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Sogecable shareholders subscribe capital extension

The shareholders of Sogecable completely subscribe the extension of capital of the company with the aim of amortizing the participating loans that their partners of reference granted to the company to support the integration of Via Digitalis in Sogecable

Initially it was in favor predicted that the extension could subscribe in two phases, first of the shareholders of Sogecable, to which a right of preferred subscription was granted, as well as the possibility that they solicitd until a 10% additional one of the titles that corresponded to them, and, in case not outside completely covered, anticipating the institutional positioning of the leftover.

“The institutional positioning of the leftover mentioned one was assured by several financial organizations, but it has not finally been necessary because the shareholders of Sogecable have supported the operation completely”, she explained the company.

The extension of capital has been exceeded by the holders of the rights of preferred subscription, to the being the provisional sum of requests, direct and additional, superior to the 7.560.261 titles of the extension, according to the official notice of Sogecable.

Consequently, the additional requests will be taken care of by means of I prorate between the applicants and there will be titles no available for his institutional positioning.

The quantity of the extension has been the anticipated one in the informative pamphlet: 184.999.586 Euros (15.120.522 Euros of nominal value and 169.879.064 Euros of emission premium), with the price of acquisition of the anticipated actions of 24.47 Euros by title.

After this extension, the share capital of Sogecable is established in 267.129.262 Euros, represented by 133.564.631 actions, of 2 Euros of nominal value each.

(Agencies, 10-06-05)

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