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Indemnification of 682,000 Euros for Digital Satelite channel

This amount corresponds to the interests derived from the damages that the previous Executive of the PP caused to the digital platform to impose as unique the decoder of Via Digitalis after a sentence of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court established at the time in 26.445.280, 37 Euros the amount that the Administration had to pay to the platform, number that was paid in January of the 2004.

Nevertheless, Satelite channel resorted the sentence, when protesting an update of the indemnification, finally endorsed by the Court. Now the Cabinet approves the execution of the sentence. For it an extraordinary credit will be granted to the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce by the certain amount.

In relation to this subject, the Cabinet also approved the agreement by which the resource misestimates that Digital Satelite channel interposed against the Agreement of Cabinet of 30 of July of the past year.


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