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Fiction factory celebrates his fifth anniversary
The specialized thematic channel in series of national fiction will fulfill five years in antenna like the thematic channel more seeing in Digital+, with an average hearing of 541,000 spectators

FDF will turn next the 19 of June five years in antenna like the thematic channel more seeing in the platform of television by Digital+ satellite, with an average hearing in which it goes of year of 541,000 spectators, according to data of the company. The channel, created by Antenna 3, Telecinco and the Globomedia producer, emits after his happens in open the most popular series of both chains, and is preparation for the celebration of the event a special programming.

In particular, FDF has programmed encounter between the actors protagonists of the different series (“the Serrano”, “Here there are not some that lives”, “Aída”, or “7 lives”, among others) and news articles on the running and the actors from the series. Also, a documentary program will be emitted that makes balance of the Spanish fiction from the year 2000.

The president of FDF, Mikel Lejarza, stated in 3 press conference that the motor of the fiction sort in Spain are the two chains deprived in abierto, Antenna and Telecinco, and commented that he does not know any supply to integrate itself in the terrestrial digital television, since, according to recognized Lejarza, the bet of the channel continues being directed to the pay television.

Lejarza was sorry that a “star-system” to the Spanish does not exist, where more is known about the life of the actors of series of television that see more than six million spectators sen some cases, whereas the cinema openings add hearings of three million, and their protagonists more are met. For this reason, she said, his chain is preparation interviews by pairs with actors of different productions, that they serve to analyze his races.

FDF was integrated in I want TV until their closing, when it happened to comprise of the platform Via Digitalis, until their fusion with Digital Satelite channel. (Channel 11) can be seen in Digitalis + and in It combines Cable (channel 41). This year seeing (6.5%) in the platform of Sogecable has been the second channel more, only behind Channel +.


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