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Anniversaries of Discovery Channel and Calle 13 in Spain
The channel of documentary Discovery Channel landed in Spain 10 years ago, even before the digital platforms began to operate, whereas the channel of suspense Street 13 turns 6 years

The channel of documentary Discovery Channel began to emit later initially for the cable and for the satellite. It has been one decade so producing in variable subjects as nature, history and geography. In order to celebrate its anniversary, the channel of Digital+ will emit during five weeks a selection of its better titles.

Conceived like a channel of suspense and action, Street 13 finishes turning six years. Property of Universal, combines cinema and series of all the times with the unique denominator of the thematic one. Classic of the small screen since she has been written a crime and series revelation of the cut of died Nip/Tuck and Tan as I have located to Street 13 like one of the three favorite channels of the subscribers to Digital+ and the cable operators.


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