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It improves the televising hearing of Formula 1
The specialistic consultant in televising measurements of the sport, Sports Surveys Marketing, states that a rise of the viewers is taking place who see the broadcasting of the Great Prizes of Formula 1

Taking as it bases the Great Prize of Canada, in England the race was seen by a 50% more than the same Great prize in the past season.

This same consultant maintains that the hearing also is growing in Spain, Germany and Italy. The students of the subject say that this is due to the fight of equipment that there are in this year and not to see prevail to the pilot of its country.

However, in Italy the opposite effect is taking place. The televising hearings have lowered almost a 50% in which it goes of year. The lack of victories of Ferrari has been let notice and the Italian fans to Ferrari seem to have deserted in mass of the televising screens.

The Great Prize of Monaco fell in almost 4.000.000 million spectators with respect to year 2004.


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