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The BBC will send a channel in Spanish for Hispano-America
The BBC presents/displays their annual report of BBC Worldwide where the benefits of year 2004 are registered and it inquires into the future plans that happen to send new channels in Hispano-America, China and India

The benefits of 55 million pounds (80 million Euros) suppose an increase of 50% for BBC Worldwide, although a little more half of those gains corresponds to income by sale of programs. John Smith, chief of a main directorate of the division, considers that the qualitative jump of the BBC in the outside must go of the hand of new emitted generalist regional channels in the languages of the population to which they go.

The Direction of the British corporation has not made specific still its plans with respect to its desire of a television channel in Spanish. In order to save costs it could be carried out in collaboration with some mediatic group of the Hispano-American scope. At the moment the BBC is in a severe process of group reduction.

At the moment the BBC uses the Spanish solely in their programs of radio of the Latin American service, that cover the 24 hours with the day from a writing centralized in London. Also the page Web of the BBC counts on a version in Spanish, who not only translates contents of the English but he makes own texts.

The immediate expansion could be a channel for China, that John Smith and other executives of the chain will negotiate in August with the authorities of Beijing. Recently, the BBC spent all one week to emit programs from China, thanks to a special authorization that allowed the access from the cameras to places until then private preserves to a foreign television. The informative content of the channel would be limited bulletins of the news. The new channel would be from an association with some Chinese communications group, that is the habitual formula for any foreign investment in that country.

The development of other areas like India and Hispano-America, with a hearing of hundreds of million people, occupies the plans of next expansions of the BBC.


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