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They insist to RTVE to include the parliamentary channel in its supply of digital programs
The Congress of the Deputies unanimously approves to ask to the direction of RTVE that includes in its new supply of digital channels the parliamentary channel, specialized in the political activities that are developed in the Parliament

Thus it was approved in proposal not of law in the Commission of Control of the public Being, where the deputy of the PP, Brown Ramon, asked to add to the text that is guaranteed in the beginning of the digital channel the professional criteria of objectivity, plurality and independence, that finally were built-in to the proposal not of law.

On the other hand, socialist Clementine Ten judged unnecessary the mention of these principles, because of the parliamentary channel the services of the two parliamentary Cameras will become position, so that thus it is guaranteed the plurality and the objectivity. The socialist deputy explained in addition who is to approach the policy the citizen by means of the emission of the political debates in direct, without some mediates accomplishment, reason why is no reasons to think about that the impartiality is not guaranteed.

Colored person considered the incorporation in writing of these terms necessary before the sectarianism and the lack of plurality and independence of means of the State, reason why he recommended to put a plaster before, because certainly there will be a wound.

Parliamentary channel can be caught in abierto through Hispasat satellite (30º the West).


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