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Japanese company is allied with the PanamSat North American
The first Japanese company of Jsat satellites Corporation announces its union with PanAmSat to send and to operate of form combines a communications satellite and television that the American east coast will cover from 2007

The alliance responds to the strong demand of televising emissions of high resolution and transmissions of video by means of denominated system IP (Internet Protocol).

The joint investment will reach the 140 million dollars and the two companies will found a society of called portfolio Horizons Satellite Holding companies for the satellite that will operate in an orbit that crosses the city of New York.

The agreement includes the opening of a called branch Horizons-2 Satellite LLC that will offer services of connections via satellite, said the company.

Jsat provides to the local distributer SkyPerfecTV with the signal of Spanish Television (the TVE) whose international channel can be seen in Japan since the end of 1998.


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