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Government initiates file for emission of Canal+ in open
The Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce communicates to Sogecable the beginning of the file of modification of the contract so that it can happen to emit in open during the 24 hours of the day instead of the 6 present ones

The minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Jose Montilla, in an answer to socialist senator Carlos Chivite, in the Plenary session of the Senate, confirmed the decision.

According to the Ministry of Industry, this file has been abierto once the request presented/displayed by Sogecable has been analyzed, according to the application of the arranged thing in the regulating Law of the right of petition, and on which they allege reasons for public interest to base the request of contract modification.

The Secretariat of State of Telecommunications considers this request reason why it comes to the opening of the corresponding file of modification of the concessional contract.

Once realized the originating activities, and in accordance with the arranged thing in article 102 of the General Regulation of the Contract Law of the Public Administrations, the opportune proposal of modification of the contract that will be put under the corresponding proceeding of hearing, for its later approval by the Cabinet will be elaborated.

Antenna 3 will resort

The News director of Antenna 3 TV has said that the chain will resort if finally the signal of Canal+ is abre.

According to Gloria Lomana, the arrival of more channels caused by the Government of Zapatero, will bring about an increase of the competition, a smaller hearing and less income. This prescription is worrisome for the private ones, that we want that the deficit in the TVE is not allowed. In this sense, alludes to Plan Audio-visual presented/displayed recently, that does not need the amount publicity that will be able to emit RTVE, something that yes was present in the report of the committee of experts.


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