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The channel To Manar stops in Hispasat by order of the Government
The Spanish executive announces that he has decreed the closing of the emissions of the Lebanese channel To Manar, used by Hizbulah, that was emitted through a transponder of Hispasat with reception for America

In response to a question of the socialist deputy by Barcelona Lourdes Muñoz, on how he evaluates the Government the fact that the channel To Manar is emitted in the American continent through satellite Hispasat, the minister of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, Jose Montilla, has announced who the closing was decreed 23 of June the past.

From the 23 from June messages of Hizbulah they do not arrive at Latin America using the Spanish satellite Hispasat, consequently the Spanish Government ends a situation that never had to take place and that, of course, is not responsibility of this Government, Montilla has responded.

The Government took knowledge from which the messages of the Hizbulah organization were being seen in Latin America through Hispasat as a result of a denunciation realized the 20 of April of 2005 by the Federation of Jewish Communities in Spain, according to the minister.

Montilla is addition that, before this denunciation, the Government was mobilized immediately to determine if it were certain.

The minister has indicated that once realized the opportune investigations, determined that the organization used the Lebanese channel To Manar, that as well had the uplink from Spain through the Globecast company, that is the one who had the contract with Hispasat.

In these investigations, according to Montilla, also he determined himself that Globecast signed the contract with Hispasat day 1 of April of 200 " being president of the Government José Maria Aznar and president of Hispasat Pedro Antonio Martin Marin, old Secretary of State of Communication with the previous Government and, therefore, person of confidence of Aznar.

The minister has aimed who after these establishments and consulted the Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT) on the 20 of June, confirms itself that Globecast does not have administrative authorization for the service of diffusion of television and, on the basis of such fact, dated 23 of June of 2005, the Government decrees the closing of the emissions.


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