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The FIFA will negotiate cession of rights of TV of World-wide the 2010
The Federation the International of Soccer will by itself negotiate the cession of the rights of televising broadcasting of World-wide the 2010 of South Africa for Europe and assures that all the parties will be gratuitous

The Federation the International of Fútbol (FIFA) will by itself negotiate the cession of the rights of televising broadcasting of World-wide the 2010 of South Africa for Europe, announced east Wednesday the president of the organization, Joseph Blatter.

Blatter considered in billions of Euros the sum that the FIFA could obtain from the cession of the rights, declared the president of the FIFA in a press conference that took place in Frankfurt (center the west of Germany).

The FIFA negotiates directly with the diffusing channels interested French (TF1), Germans (ARD, ZDF and “Premiere”), English (BBC and ITV), Italian (Sky and RAI) and Spaniards (a priori TVE), needed Swiss.

The president of the FIFA added that, with respect to the rest of the European countries, the negotiations will be carried out by intermediary of the European Union of Difusión (EBU). “the EBU little represents less than a 20% of the total”, added.

“80% of the total number are constituted by channels public, which supposes a solid guarantee from the financial point of view and, mainly, a guarantee of which everybody will be able to see the parties”, indicated Blatter.

The president of the FIFA was forceful when specifying that “all the parties will be relayed free of charge in all the countries, although not always in direct”.

In Germany, the public television networks ARD and ZDF also obtained the right to spread 46 of the 64 encounter of the World-wide one of 2010. The number to which it promotes this contract was needed. As far as the other 18 parties, they will be transmitted in direct by a pay channel.

When negotiating by itself the cession of the broadcasting rights, the FIFA also has intention to ask to the chains that spread “messages that are advisable for us”.

“We want to make include/understand that the soccer not only is to beat kicks to a ball but also it is education, hope and positive emotions in a world that is a little weak”, it emphasized Blatter.

The FIFA received 22 supplies before the date limit, that fixed the past to 11 of February. The organization did not need the numbers to which they promote contracts signed with each diffusing channel.

Until the moment, only the televising rights for Japan were attributed. The Dentsu channel adjudged the emission “for the two Glasses of the World of the FIFA in 2010 and 2014”, although its supply “does not take into account the wireless rights”, had indicated at the beginning of March past Blatter.

“For the rest of Asia, the question follows open, like for Africa and America. We want to act more quickly in Europe because there will be other events in the market”, explained east Wednesday the president of the FIFA.

With respect to the signal of diffusion in 2010, Blatter needed that “our signal will be only produced in high resolution”.


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