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They denounce millionaire losses in the Valencian TV
The Socialists assure that Valencian Radiotelevisió registered in 2004 losses that ascended to about 169.6 million Euros, of which the Catalan Autonomous Government compensated with the contribution of near 35 million

The representative of the PSPV-PSOE in the Council of Administration of Valencian Radiotelevisió (RTVV) Jose Ignacio Shepherd, accused the people in charge of the public being to realize pure financial engineering that does not serve to improve the solution of the group and added that he is deceptive to wipe the losses through more debt.

The socialist representative indicated that until 1999, the negative results financed with extensions of capital, whose bottoms had their origin in the Treasury of the Catalan Autonomous Government, although from the year 2000 it began to resort to long-term loans, and so, according to Shepherd, the treasury derived from the loan serves to turn the number of losses into indebtedness.

The socialist person in charge accused the present managers of RTVV to spend thousands of million of the old pesetas, that in addition they will have to pay future generations, to be in a totally sectarian service and in favor of the PP.

Also he indicated that the endorsement demanded by RTVV for 2005, that ascends to about 138 million Euros, in spite of being approved by the Consell, has still not left to avoid that it computes like debt of the Bank of Spain.

The advertizing income fall

Also it indicated that a fall of the publicity took place, since income of 40 million Euros had been anticipated, that finally remained in 36. In addition, the hearing of Channel 9 was of a 17% and the one of Punt 2 of 2,1.


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