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The TVE suspended by the Philippine censorship

The emission of Spanish Television by both unique cable operators who exist in Manila has been suspended by orders of the office of censorship of the Philippines, that considers immoral some of its contents

The Sky-Home distributer Cable placed day 4 the past of July a warning in which could be read: This channel is suspended until next the 19 of July by orders of the Bureau of Revision and Classification of Cinema and Televisión (MTRCB).

The other operator, Destiny, interrupted the emission of the TVE ten days ago after to have resumed during hardly two weeks after a suspension of more than two months also by orders of the MTRCB.

The Bureau of Revision and Classification of Cinema and Television, that guards by the morality in means, considers that some of the TVE programs are not adapted to be shown in the country, according to explained one of its people in charge. To questions on which they are the most delicate programs with the object of the censorship, Teresita Morató, member of the Bureau, indicated that the space Two rhombuses of Lorraine Verdún and the films, generally, are most dangerous.

According to the people in charge of the Bureau, this one only acts on the basis of complaints of individuals, but neither the president of MTRCB, Consoliza Laguardia, nor Zosimo Alegre, one of their directors, could give a number about how many complaints have received by the programming of Spanish Television.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce has asked for the intervention of the ambassador of Spain, Sagacious Ignacio, in a letter and has appealed to the MTRCB, with practical spirit, so that it clarifies what spaces are those that thus bother and to avoid that all the programming is suspended during the twenty-four hours.


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