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Spain will have two governmental communications satellites
Spain will send to the space at the end of year the SpainSat, after the past 12 of February placed in orbit the Xtar-Eur. These satellites assure that the transmitted information is not received by other people's people

Spain will send to the space at the end of year its second governmental communications satellite, the SpainSat, after the past twelve of February of this year placed in orbit the Xtar-Eur, according to explained yesterday technical the chief of a main directorate of Hisdesat, Miguel Angel Prime Garci'a in the inaugural conference of the cycle Our Space in the Space, organized by the National Institute of Técnica Aeroespacial (INTA), that took place in the Sociocultural Classroom of Caixa Galicia.

In this way, “Spain will have covers with its two satellites two third parts of the globe. After the launching of the SpainSat only we will have left to cover the Pacific Ocean, and our objective is to cover all the planet in the next years”, said to Miguel Angel Prime Garci'a.

The satellites of governmental telecommunications assure that the transmitted information is not received by other people's people, reason why are very useful for the communication of confidential information. They are used, for example, so that the countries can have a route of safe contact with troops moved to territories in which there are no infrastructures that allow you establish confidential communication channels.

The president of Hisdesat indicated the case of Afghanistan, where there is deployed troops of different countries that demand communications satellites that guarantee that its information stays privily. In this sense he emphasized the commercial service that it is possible to be rendered with this type from satellites to those countries that lack these satellites.

In fact, the company that directs, Hisdesat, was born in 2001 like the first commercial supplier of the world in providing services of satellite communicationses in X band and Ka Band, for only governmental applications.

Spain, said Prime Garci'a, already offers these commercial services with the Xtar-Eur satellite, a project in which Spain collaborates with the United States. This satellite is used by both governments for its communications.

The Xtar-Eur is located in the Geostationary orbit to a length of 29º This. From this quick position services of governmental communications by satellite with greater security, flexibility and power in any area of interest between the East of Brazil and Singapore, covering the Atlantic, Europe, Africa and near and the Middle East.

“The SpainSat supposes a step more in the Spanish technological progress, assured Prime Garci'a, since it is a satellite done entirely in our country”.

That this new satellite will serve already has future clients who will use Spanish technology of last generation, although Prime Garci'a did not want to keep awake which, because they are in the phase of negotiation, although yes assured that it is countries of our surroundings.


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