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Conditions for Sogecable on soccer and cinema
The Spanish Government imposes limiting conditions during three years to emit in open guaranteeing the operation of emission of a soccer match in abierto by day if there are operators interested in his acquisition

The Government will impose to Sogecable a series of conditions and limiting obligations related to right on soccer and the cinema during three years, to be able to emit in open the 24 hours of the analogical and digital day in.

According to the proposal made by the Executive, who has been sent to Sogecable and to the rest of television operators so that they realize the opportune allegations, the obligations include the rights for the abierto broadcasting in of soccers match of League and Glass of the King, from season 2006/2007 to the 2008/2009.

In this sense, Sogecable it will be forced to guarantee the operation of the emission of a party in abierto by day, in channels different from which is of their ownership, as long as they exist operating interested in his acquisition.

Thus, the television channels of abierto Sogecable spread in will only be able to make use of the right ones on soccer of which it is titular operating east or some company participated in strictly equitable conditions, I am transparent and not discriminatorias in relation to the rest of operators of television in open.

Right on the cinema

As far as cinematographic largometrajes and series produced by great studies on which he exclusively has rights in any window of payment, the Government establishes that he will not be able to acquire rights of the first window of operation in open.

Unique if they spend three months since the contents are available for this window of diffusion and no other operator acquires the rights, the concessionaire will be able to accede to these rights for its diffusion in open.

On the other hand, Sogecable will be forced from an accounting point of view to separate the service of diffusion of abierto pay television and in, and to offer a guide of interactive programming in the digital channel.

In addition, the concessionaire will have to offer in her digital channel at least the 20% of programming different from the analogical emitted one in, obligation that would be without effects in case it had additional digital channels to which it has at present, and so it would be forced not to re-emit in the new digital channels no program already spread in his analog channel.

Finally, the concessionaire will have to develop an advertizing campaign during at least a year, from the beginning of her emissions in open, in schedules of maximum hearing, directed to inform to the public, in her analog channel, of her programming and services in the digital channel.

This communication will have to include an invitation to the spectators to equip itself with means of access to the terrestrial digital television, informing into the difference of the programming and the launching of the digital channel.

(SatCesc, 12-07-05)

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