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Prison for four managers of TeleSierra
The judge of Old Colmenar in charge of the case decrees the enter prison of the four managers of TeleSierra stopped by a presumed swindle to the spectators who called to a televising contest

The enter prison of the four implied was posponed awaiting which the pathologist determined if there were just cause so that the defendant did not enter prison, as they asked, for reasons of health.

The implied ones in the subject that have entered prison are the marriage formed by Rodrigo of the Field and Rosary C.Z and its children Recaredo and Rosario, people in charge of the televising channel TeleSierra, that can be caught through satellite Hot IBRD (13º This), whose programming re-emits Local Local and Moved Max in Hispasat (30º the West).

The viewers supposedly swindled called to TeleSierra, to numbers of additional tariff (806), to participate in a contest in which they had to respond to very elementary questions to secure a prize, but after remaining in delay until the legal maximum of half an hour, the communication was interrupted without they had been able to enter direct.

The four managers of the producer were the past stopped Tuesday by a presumed swindle, one of them entered prison and three of them were in freedom by reasons for health, but all of them returned Friday to judicial disposition to declare before the judge after new patrimonial and financial assets were discovered.

Before this finding, the investigators blocked the accounts of the arrested ones and communicated the judge of Colmenar in charge of the case of the new assets, besides their suspicions that these could elude the action of Justice.

Thus, and after mentioning them again, the judge tonight decided to ratify the enter prison of Recaredo of Field C., and to order the enter prison of Rosary of Field C., Rosary C.Z and Rodrigo of the Field.

The investigations of the Civil Guard have shown that the producer could daily have benefitted from about 60,000 Euros of 70,000 minutes of telephone tariff.

The operation began the past denounces after them interposed by OCU 18 of October, after receiving than one hundred claims of offerers more defrauded. The denunciation of the OCU in the dependancies of the Civil Guard appeared against the producer of the contest, that counts on three local televisions in which the contest was emitted, that also was commercialized to other chains extended by the national territory and which they were not conscious of the illegality of the facts.


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