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RTVE lost more than two daily million in the 2004

Being RTVE had a real deficit of 723.79 million Euros. With this increase, the debt at the end of the mentioned exercise rises to 6,892 million, inferior in 34 million to initially anticipated

This budget already planned that 45% of the expenses would have to cover increasing the indebtedness.

The memory - titled Report 2004 on the fulfillment of the public-also function on watch it contemplates that the group of RTVE when finalizing the 2004 was of 8,284 contracted fixed people and 1,111, of which 5,335 worked in RTVE and 1,983 in RNE.

Carmen Caffarel, in the presentation of the memory, valued that the past year was “a year of transition”, although also described that it was “an historical year”. It justified the first affirmation assuring that “the challenges, deeply tie have been assumed to the exercise of their public function on watch, on the one hand and on the other, because was essential to harness its character of broadcast television of all, impelling majors levels of pluralism, of professionalism, of veracity, of credibility like main instrument of information of the society and, simultaneously, to recueperar the political, cultural and social debate”.

The chief of a main directorate remembered that RTVE is “very many more than a television network and that a quota of market”, insisting on which the being has itself to measure especially by its social yield, although knows “clearly vocation of leadership”, and for this reason, after emphasizing the deep changes of management realized in his stage, the austerity and the reduction of unproductive cost, she emphasized the will to lead the process of implantation of the Terrestrial Digital Television in Spain.

The document makes special emphasis in which RTVE “is the minor between the great European public broadcast televisions”. It emphasizes - this time with data of the 2003 - that the costs of the German broadcast television are six times superiors to those of the being, and those of the BBC, four times superiors. In this period the report values that RTVE cost to each Spanish home 27.83 Euros (without considering the financial expenses, warns).

The report, aside from emphasizing its serviciosinformativos, dedicates a special section to the center of programs of Sant Cugat, where during the past year 2,478 hours of production were realized, of which a 75 percent corresponds to the state programming and of thematic channels and the rest belongs to autonomic programs. The contribution of this center to the general emissions surpasses the eighty hours, and half of the emissions that are seen in Catalonia by the 2 has elaborated in this center.

Concretely, programs like the Lunnis, the cherries, Knowledge and to win, Stage 2, Deporte.es, escarabajo are realized in Sant Cugat green, 900 Line yRedes, besides the collaborations in the informative programs. Also they produce completely the Teledeporte Channel.

(the Vanguard, 14-07-05)

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