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The local televisions fear the reform of the audio-visual sector

The G9, the Organization of Associations of Local Televisions, does not hide its fear before the panorama that is approached, reason why has requested guarantees of which the predicted reforms do not harm to them

The local television is a drawer dehorns in continues transformation, characterized by a situation little formalized legally, shortage of resources and variability of the emission. According to a census realized by the Association of Investigation of Means of Comunicación (AIMC) in 2.002, there were 896 local televisions that they legally emitted in all the national territory. Of all of them, 232, that is to say, 25' 9%, comprised of great networks of local television, such as Localia, Group Channel 47, the Premises Average LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY or Vocento.

This concentration, whose objective is the one to emit contents in chain combined with contents of own production of each transmitter, allowed introduction in sector of powerful groups, like Prisa and Vocento, that leaves in background the local agents and throws of their predominant position to relay events which they make take off his hearings, for example divided of Second Division Sundays for the 17:00, the world-wide Sub-20 or the championship of the world of Superbikes. This pretension to get to weave a pseudo-television of national or autonomic scope was made difficult in the first place by Law 41/1995 of Local Television, that limits 25% the total time of weekly emission, although is in different schedule and, secondly, by technical limitations that prevent these groups to verify that the forecasts of publicity emission and contents in chain in each and every one of the transmitters are fulfilled forms that them, which supposes a serious disadvantage for their expansion and an obstacle for the advertisers.

Tense delay

Before these departure difficulties, with the local agents put in a corner by the great groups and the perspective of the analogical blackout and the distribution of licenses of TDT around the corner, the alarms have ignited in the sector. The G9, the Organization of Associations of Local Televisions, does not hide its fear before the panorama that is approached, reason why has requested guarantees of which the predicted reforms do not harm to them.

More than safe concession of a license of emission in analogical to HASTE, that would begin to emit the Four as of the month of November, it makes fear that as soon as is free frequencies in great cities like Madrid or Barcelona, reason why the G9 has asked for the Ministry of Industry that does not use frequencies of local televisions that they emit for years because it would suppose his disappearance. On the other hand, if finally the analogical blackout goes ahead to 2010, many transmitters must make a strong investment technological if they obtain an emission license, which is complicated considering meager means from the great majority. In this sense, the G9 also asks that the blackout is simultaneous for all and that the local televisions awardees of a license do not lose their emission in analogical before the televisions of scopes superiors. Finally, a revision is requested to the rise of the Technical Plan of the Local TDT to give capacity to all the operators, since in certain demarcations all the local televisions will not fit that they emit at present. For example, the Valencian Community has recently abierto the term of awarding of licenses TDT, that will close the 1 of August, but only contemplates the concession of 76 licenses, four of which they are for multiplex the autonomic one, whereas at the moment there are 202 transmitters in all the Valencian territory. Another one handicap will be the growth of the autonomic television, between 2005 and 2006 will begin to emit the public television of the Principality of Asturias, the one of Extremadura and the one of Aragon, and so there will be more actors to distribute the licenses in each autonomy.

Before the contests of awarding of licenses, doubt that will be the great groups those that start off with a preferred position, as much as far as guarantees to confront necessary the technological conversion as does not fit as far as the influences that can exert like groups of being able. It is paper of the administration to guarantee the access of the local agents, city councils, civic associations and companies, to these licenses, to safeguard the plural character and of proximity that is to register to the local television.

(Formula TV, 14-07-05)

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