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Colombia authorizes the Hispasat group to operate in this American country

The Ministry of Communications of the Republic of Colombia gives to permission to Hispamar Satellites like supplier of space segment in this country by means of the Amazon satellite

Hispamar Satellites is a society participated by Hispasat in a 80.9% and Telemar in a 19.04% like supplier of space segment in this country by means of the Amazon satellite.

The Amazon has authorization already to operate totality of the American continent actually, has informed the company, that has indicated that in Colombia the group counts on authorization for its Hispasat satellites 1C and 1D and spreads television channels like Royal Net and Telecaribe.

The satellite, sent the 5 of August of 2004, or counts on rights of landing in 21 countries of all America, including the United States, Canada, Mexico or Brazil, it has asked for and them in Argentina, Costa Rica Guatemala and Nicaragua, while it has left pending that request in Boliva and Venezuela to cover all the continent.

The legislation of the majority of the American countries it requires, not only the coordination of the resource orbit-phantom of the satellite in agreement with the norm of the Union the International of Telecommunications, but, in addition, the concession of formal unaautorización.


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