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The 20 digital TV channels must be in the air the 30 of November

Before, the broadcasters will have to ask for their frequencies formally and to present/display, to taking the 15 of September, a plan with differentiated contents more and interactivity

The date for the relaunching of the call television of the future, the TDT, has paid attention by agreement of the Government with the broadcasters and the manufacturers next the 30 of November. That day, they will have to be in the air 20 new channels that, according to this standard, are going to be assigned by the Real Decree of the Technical Plan of the Terrestrial Digital Television.

So that this event gets to be reality is necessary that letter by letter is fulfilled the calendar and the agreed conditions the week last between the Administration and the sector. The conditions take shelter in the additional disposition fourth of the Technical Plan of the TDT.

Like first step, the Executive must approve and to publish mentioned the real decree by which he assigns five channels of TDT to RTVE (a multiplex one plus a channel), three to each one of the prevailing - 3 Telecinco, Antenna and Sogecable- and two to I see (Unedisa, Calm), Net (Vocento) and to the awardee of the new analog channel.

RTVE will be able to have an additional channel (up to six) if it considers therefore it opportune, whenever it decides to emit in statistical multiplexación, that is to say, five programs in his multiplex one.

Once published the Real Decree, the broadcasters will have to formally ask for within one week the use of the phantom for the emission of the channels.

Later, and like indispensable condition so that they are adjudged to them indeed, they will have to present/display “a detailed plan of action” in which they assume certain commitments. In order to be able to accede to the first additional digital channel to that already they emit in simulcast, the broadcasters will have to jeopardize “to initiate the emissions of the programming of this channel before the 30 of November of 2005”. In addition they will have to assure the implantation an electronic guide of programming and the interactive introduction of applications and services “in the first year of emission”.

The televisions will have to also assume a commitment with respect to the population to which they will be accessible, with the purpose of to extend at least in a 1% the cover of predicted population. The rough drafts of the norms of the TDT establish that RTVE, autonomic and the prevailed ones that they emit today must have a digital cover on 80% of the population to end of this exercise, reason why the commitment implies to increase until 81% the demanded percentage. To Veo and Net 26% will be demanded to them.

To take advantage of the campaign Christmas

The rapidity with which the Government and the operators must act to put 20 digital television channels in the air before December, responds to the commercial interests of the broadcasters, but coverall to those of the manufacturers of equipment that has played an outstanding role in the process. The sector does not want to let pass the next campaign of Christmas without there is an attractive supply of programming in TDT.

It is necessary to remember that to watch of the future is necessary to carry out adaptations in the present televisions through a decoder or to buy a new receiver. It is in the campaign of Christmas when 60% of the apparatuses of all the year are sold. The reached pact will allow that the supply of new contents is attractive to anticipate that the transition of the analogical television to the digitalis can be fast. Counting whereupon the digitalization it will affect the national programs and autonomic, in next January, Catalonia will count on a supply of 28 channels in TDT, 24 Madrid of and Andalusia, Basque Country, Galicia, the Canary Islands and Valencia of 22 channels each. To these programs it will be necessary to add the supply of local TV.

Push of the prevailed ones to the TDT

The rough draft of the Technical Plan of the TDT establishes more demanding conditions for the broadcasters that ask for a second additional digital channel to already assigned. Of this form, they will be the present analogical operators, 3 Telecinco, Antenna and Sogecable (to which three digital channels will be assigned to them), next to RTVE, those that will more assume the impulse of the transition to the TDT.

In order to obtain the second additional channel, it will be dominated the requisite operators directed to the promotion of the television of the future between the consumers, so a novel programming will be demanded to them “, innovating and differentiated”. The televisions will have to include in the plan of action a description of those contents, the duration of the emission and the hour strip, the number of hours of original programming, the emission in panoramic format (16: 9), a service of subdegree and dubbing for accessibility and options of election of original language in foreign productions.

Also, the operators will commit themselves to develops a plan of communication in schedule of maximum hearing of the TDT: they will have to emit, like minimum, an announcement to the day during a month per trimester.

The operators will have “to also participate financially” in a dedicated organization to the promotion of the TDT. Finally they will have to realize the progressive cease of analogical emissions or to present/display a programming with 30% dedicated to programs in two independent sound tracks, with versions doubled in two official languages of Spain.

(Five Days, 19-07-05)

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