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    The AUC fears that the frauds in contests follow in the local TV

    The Association of Users of the Communication notices that the frauds in telephone contests in local televisions persist in spite of the intervention of the Civil Guard in Telesierra, while the present norm does not modify on additional pricing

    Although it indicates his satisfaction with the last activities against supposed telephone swindles in the local chain Telesierra, AUC indicates that the mentioned local television network has followed with its practice to secure income through numbers 800 replacing the pseudoriddles by contests of distorted photos and consultations fortune-tellers who theoretically were in direct but which they maintained the practice fraudulent to retain the call in delay accumulating invoice cost.

    On the other, AUC remembers that present Order PRE/2410/2004 of 20 of July, establishes the obligatory nature of express request of connection on the part of the user only for the numbers 800 whose cost is superior to 1, 16 Euros per minute (a Euro more IVA). The circumstance that occurs these services use numerations whose tariff is below that cost superior (being placed it enters the 70 and the 1.06), and so they draw for that obligatory nature of previous consent and they turn actually it into wet paper, it indicates this organization.

    AUC demands, like truly effective measurement for the protection of the consumers, who the request obligation express settles down themselves for all the calls of additional pricing. Also, it asks that obligation of previous request extends to the services of SMS in the moving bodies, that have been outside the regulation of the additional pricing although they can generate problems similar of fraud and abuse.

    The affected ones can annul a part of the invoices

    On the other hand, the organization of consumers FACUA advirerte to the affected ones by frauds in services of additional pricing based on false televised contests that they can annul a part of his invoices, without running the risk of which its company cuts the line to them.

    Thus, she indicates that if the invoice does not detach, as it forces the norm, the part of the amount of the calls that correspond to these services, the user must right to paralyze the toal amount until its company sends a detachhed invoice to him. In addition, she demanded Industry that starts up measured to end the multimillionaire frauds that take to years denouncing the associations of consumers.

    (Agencies, 02-03-05)

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