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The vice-president of Clinton, Al Gore, sends a TV channel for the young people

Al Gore, the one that goes vice-president from the United States to the orders of Bill Clinton, will send next the 1 of August channel Current cable, that will include the news, cultural programming and contents realized by the own viewers

The forecasts consider that Current will reach 20 million homes, where will be chosen by young people among 18 and 34 years.

From the beginning, Gore has understood east project like a bridge between television and Internet of interactive technology. During the presentation of this project - that she will have soothes in San Francisco (Californian) -, the ex- vice-president of the United States assured that “this time, yes that is something different. The difference with other television networks that promise that they are going to be different is that we aspired to make a television bidirectional, not only interactive where the viewer pushes the button of “himself”, “not”, “to buy” or “not to buy”. The new digital tools make other journalists, new directors of cinema possible or viewers to participate in our channel”.

The hearing creates the contents

Part of the strategy of this chain to gain please the viewers is to cause that they themselves create the contents that are going away to include in the programming grill, with projects of video or shorts of different events from the present time, culture, art or technology. Also, this channel also will count on a network of correspondents that will be distributed by everybody like Afghanistan and China.

Al Gore, that has compared east project with its political race, emphasized its pretension to cause that the new generations “are committed with the dialog of the democracy and to count history than it happens in its lives in mass media of our time”.

This democrat, ex- vice-president of the United States, who is 57 years old and worked like journalist before beginning his political race, has been behind this awaited project several years.

(the Reason, 20-07-05)

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