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Inaugurated the first European channel of high resolution TV

The second Portuguese operating major of television by cable, Cabovisao, starts up the one that assures that it is first European channel of high resolution TV, with a quality of image between four and five times more detailed than the analogical one

People in charge of the company remembered that the high resolution television is already a reality in the United States and Japan, where by the networks of satellite and cable tens of channels are transmitted with that high quality, but not thus in the Old Continent, where the European Union has advocated that this new system replaces the sooner the traditional one.

First TV channel of high resolution, denominated “HD1”, has be put in march by company “Euro1080-European High Definition Average Company” and has already assured his distribution by several operators satellite and cable European, His programming consists of block daily of six hours of emission, that repeats three times during the day (“loop”), with contents of several countries filmed in hi-res, which they include from the Eurocopa to the Festival Rock in River Lisbon, events both that were celebrated in 2004.

The contents go from the sport to the musical concerts, without forgetting those entertainment, like documentary films or.

The clients of the referred operator can ask for to this one the installation of the decoder of HDTV, precise to receive the emissions, and a card of conditional access.

In addition, to enjoy in fullness to the high resolution, an suitable receiver is required, with screen TFT or of plasma, and a minimum resolution of 1280 pixels, or a projector of that resolution.

Cabovisao was pioneering in Portugal of broadband Internet and from 2000 one of first of Europe in offering “triple pay”, that Integra services of television, telephony fixes and Internet.

Cabovisao counts on 13 regional delegations and one soothes in Palmela, to about 30 residential kilometers to the south of Lisbon, in which it employs 800 people, and the second operator of telecommunications of fixed network of the country, with than 790,000 residences equipped more with cable and about 700,000 users

(Agencies, 22-07-05)

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