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Antenna 3 increases to a 83.3% its benefit in the first semester

The private chain obtained an attributable benefit of 124.3 million Euros, which supposes a 8% of increase with respect to the benefits obtained in all the exercise 2004

Between January and June, the net income of Antenna 3 reached 511.9 million Euros, a 24.5% more with respect to the same period of the previous year. According to the company, during the second semester of the year it continues the favorable evolution of the advertizing market of television initiated in the previous trimester and during 2004.

On the other hand, the operating expenseses grew a 6.8% during the first semester of 2005. During the second trimester the increase of the cost was of the 2.8 percent, against 11.2% of the first trimester.

The gross result of operation (EBITDA) reached 198.3 million Euros, a 68.3% more than in the same period of year 2004. The margin on net income happened of 28.6% in the first semester from 2004 to 38.7% of the first semester of 2005.

The net financial expenses reached the 7.1 million Euros. According to Antenna 3, the most important concept originated by the interests derived from the award between Uniprex and the Group White Radio. The result before accumulated taxes to June of 2005 ascended to 191.9 million Euros, against the 104.4 million Euros in the first semester of the last year, a 83.7% more.

In the case of Antenna 3 Television the income reached 454.2 million Euros, a 29.8% more. According to estimations of the company, the market of televising publicity has grown a 14% during the first six months. The operating expenseses were of 266.1 million Euros, a 15.7% more than in the first semester of 2004.


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