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The abierto TV in increased market in 2004 until 6,000 million

The abierto television in increased market in 2004 until the 6,000 million Euros, while the one of payment it lost four points of quota in that same period, according to the annual report of the Commission of the Market of Telecomunicaciones (CMT)

The abierto market of television in continued being the past year the main market by income, with 5,999, 47 million Euros (almost a 55% of the total) and an increase with respect to previous exercises, in which the tendency aimed towards a comparison of the television in open and payment. In fact, the income derived from the pay television diminished their global weight in 4 points, being placed in 37% of the market. 7% rest corresponded to the radio.

According to CMT, one of the reasons that would explain this alteration in “the truly showy” tendency is that the market of pay television “is very hyped by the data of an operator with a very high quota”, mentioning in particular Sogecable. Thus, it indicates that while the rest of competitors (cable) sees improve the numbers of income and clients, “to Sogecable, ratifying a tendency noticed in the previous year, returns to suffer losses of clients, motivated possibly by the integration of clients coming from Canal+ and by the consequences of the integration process of the extinguished one Via Digitalis”.

The income of the televisions in abierto almost reached the 6,000 million Euros, of which 4,382 million corresponded to advertizing income. RTVE reached the 728.98 million Euros, followed of Antenna 3, with income of 659.52 million Euros. Thirdly it was placed, according to data of the CMT, Telecinco, with 643.03 million Euros.

On the other hand, the income by services of pay television experimented in 2004 a fall of 8%, when happening of 1,835 million to 1,692 million Euros. Of this number, 1,418 million Euros corresponded to Sogecable and 109.75 million to ONO. Thirdly it was placed Combines, with 84.39 million Euros. The main concept in terms of invoicing on the total income was the monthly payments. The hirings of payment by vision concentrated in sport contents, soccer, especially reaching a 65% of the total of PPV hirings. This type of services, that contributed 130 million Euros, experienced an advance with respect to the previous exercise around 25%.

The market of pay television reached the 3.2 million subscribers the last year, of which 2.093.817 corresponded to Sogecable (65.07%), with a backward movement of about 250,000 clients, according to the CMT. The cable operators increased the past year their presence until reaching the 970,000 subscribers, without counting the local cable. In particular, ONO represented 13.50% of the quota of market, Combines 11.43% and rest of cable operators, 5.52%. Altogether, the television by satellite continued being the majority platform, with a little more half of clients, followed by the cable, with a 34%.


The CMT emphasizes that during the past exercise it solved diverse arbitrations related to conflicts provoked by cable operators in relation to the access to contents controlled by Sogecable or thematic channels produced or made at this last one. According to the CMT, to date this mechanism has not been “excessively effective” from the practical point of view and indicates like proof of it that at the present time “it does not consist to this organism that some of the awards has been executed at least in judicial route”.

Of its opinion, the most suitable solution would consist of which the CMT, in relation to these subjects, used as the used traditional instruments of intervention in the markets of telecommunications “that have been to date more effective than the commented one via of the arbitration”.

(Agencies, 26-07-05)

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