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    The EC initiates investigations against the televisions German, Irish and Dutch

    The European Commission will approve east Thursday the beginning of an investigation in depth on the subsidys that receive the public televisions of these countries by the same case that RTVE and the operating public of television in Italy, France and Portugal

    Brussels protested in October from 2003 to Spain that reforms the limitless guarantee from which RTVE benefits, when considering that it harmed the European norm on aid of State and that supposed a disloyal competition with respect to other televising chains.

    Limitless public endorsement del that benefits RTVE supposes a guarantee of solution in front of the creditors and avoids the bankruptcy of the group. The services of Competition of the EC detected that this limitless public endorsement surpasses the net costs of the benefit of the public service on the part of the Being.

    Brussels protested already then to the Government who adapted the finances to the established thing in the communication on Broadcasting and the manager on transparency in companies that serve public. These European norms arrange that the company at issue distinguishes clearly, or in its accounting or its structure, between the activities that realize like public service and those that have commercial character.

    The then European commissioner of Competition, Mario Monti, nevertheless did not put objections to the direct subsidys that the State transfers RTVE, when considering, in this case yes, that they compensate without exceeding the public cost on watch. At present, Brussels hopes that the Spanish Government approves the RTVE reform after the text of conclusions that the committee of experts wrote up.

    (Agencies, 03-03-05)

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